Being a Successful Business Women and a Mother – Do you believe you can be both?

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Hi Devas,

I may be one of the youngest on the list which is why I’d like to ask you
all a question. I am just at the beginning of my career, a career that I
love, that I am passionate about and that I am determined to succeed in. My
question is, after all the discussions about the comprise between parenthood
and a successful career, do you feel as mothers that this is true? That
there is indeed a great comprise you have to make and that one will
eventually suffer, or at least dwindle behind?

I do want to have kids, but making something of myself and excelling in my
career is not something I’m willing to compromise on. So what does this
mean? Obviously I know that once I begin having children I will no longer be
able to work the 10-11 hour days that I’m used to, but will I be able to
excel and juggle my family life and professional? Do you believe it is

If you feel like sharing, I’d love to hear your opinions and your personal

Many Thanks,


At age 23, Natasha Shine is the Social Community and Marketing Manager of a startup company called 6rounds. <>  is a live meeting point, a video chat platform that incorporates real-time communication with interactive features (such as watching videos, facebooking, playing games together, e-learning and much more). Born in London, raised in California, Natasha has now settled in Tel Aviv after making Aliyah by herself almost five years ago.  

2 Responses to “Being a Successful Business Women and a Mother – Do you believe you can be both?”

  1. Vicki Donlan says:

    Absolutely you can be a successful business woman, mother and wife. I consider myself exactly that and I know many women whom I would put in that category. Success is relative. You must ask yourself what you define success is for YOU. I, too, wanted a career – a business of my own – a husband and children. It is all about choices. As long as you feel as though you have the opportunity to choose your path the journey can be, and will be, satisfying in every way. However, you must define your own definition of success in each area — businesswoman, mother and wife. I am married 37 years, have a talented, loving 32 year old son and have had several careers, including owning my own multi-million dollar business before selling it. I have written a book and now coach other women in business and business students how to make it owning their business. Best wishes – you can do it too. It truly is the journey and not the destination that matters.

  2. Bella says:

    Hello Natasha,

    It is a very difficult question to answer,but I’II try.I believe it is possible, but it depends on the kind of help that you are going to get from your husband and the family (grandmothers and grandfhaters ).You will have to slow down at work,which I think is essential to you. 8-9 hours a day is also enough! .you have to decide what is more important to you right now, but don’t forget that you are not getting younger-and baby plans are not always come true…


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